Fan-made Interface Redesign (2015)

This is a UI redesign I made for the online survival game ARK: Survival Evolved. The focus lies on having as much clear view of everything as possible (Inventory, Quickslot, Character, Equipments, Stats, Weather info, etc.)

Interactive Beacon (2015)

A beacon I made for an existing installation that needed to attract people to sit on the chair and at the same time detect it. The participants would get painted on with light by 3 different beamers.

GoT Spoiler Blocker (2015)

Google Chrome extension that I made to block potential spoilers in my Facebook timeline. Made with simple Javascript. It looks for certain keywords in the page source and decides to blur, delete, or replace the component.

Interactive Vase (2014)

A vase we designed for the Tergooi Hospital design challenge. The vase changes colour depending on where and how many people sit. I've made my own pressure sensors in this project and attached it to the seats, connecting it with Arduino.

RTL XL Covers (2013)

Edited more than 300 covers for movies and TV series in my internship program at RTL. I've developed a good eye for details and learned many photoshop shortcuts.

So You Think You Can Dance (2013)

Helped creating the RTL website of So You Think You Can Dance by creating a navigation to get to the dancer pages.

Historical maps (2012)

Illustrations for a book on the history of Turkic peoples, a collection of ethnic groups that live in northern, eastern, central, and western Asia, northwestern China, and parts of eastern Europe.

Water drop (2011)

Interactive infograph about water I made in 2011